Your #FunkyCelebrant



We’re all going through a hell of a time right now and although the world is starting to open up I understand that weddings and other celebrations still feel like they’re on hold! Rest assured that I am still working hard behind the scenes and turning my attention to smaller weddings, which can be just as much fun as the bigger ones.


so my thoughts are turning to 2022 & beyond. I am reducing the number of ceremonies I will be conducting in 2022….see my ‘We Do’ page for the exciting details!

My advise for any of you reading this page now, as you tentatively start to make plans about your Wedding Day (or any other type of ceremony) in 2022 is to get in touch soon…

Take care, stay well and safe and I look forward to talking all things celebration with you soon


Want to find out all about your #FunkyCelebrant?

Well let’s start with a Funky Poem!

Let’s start with an idea; Shall we say… your wedding… your way?
Let’s nurture that thought… you know… your ball…your court.

It’s starting to get exciting now, as we build in your readings and vows,
The music, the story of where you met & how.

The laughter, the tears, shared hopes and all those dreams,
Turned into a reality, as everyone around you beams. 

Let’s build it to a crescendo of pure unadulterated love… 
All made possible when you find the right celebrant that fits you like a glove.

#FunkyCelebrant® is my moniker, weddings and celebrations my game,
Creating a dream ceremony with you and for you… my passion and aim! 

Drop me an email, let’s have a quick chat & give all those with a penchant for them, a reason to buy a new hat!

Why choose a Celebrant…

Because we offer a real alternative to the ‘everyday’. You are no longer restricted to just a religious celebration, or indeed just a non-religious celebration.

With an Independent Celebrant anything and anybody can be incorporated.

Have you ever dreamed of holding your ceremony in a bluebell wood, on the beach, during a solstice or as a character from your favourite book, TV show or film?

I can help you realise your dreams for your special day.

About Your Funky Celebrant®…

I am an Award Winning certified Independent Wedding and Family Celebrant registered with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (U.K.).

Let me answer a  F.A.Q. straight away for you…

Are you a Humanist Celebrant? 

No I am not a Humanist, in fact the majority of celebrants are actually Independent, (although you will come across Humanists, Pagan, Spiritualists and Celebrants attached to a church or other religious organisation).

Being an independent means we…(that’s you and me!) won’t have ANY restrictions placed on us about what we can or can’t include in your ceremony! 

At the end of the day you have to find the celebrant that bests reflects you, your family, beliefs (or non beliefs) and all you hold dear in life. Hopefully I will fit the bill.


I live in beautiful Constable Country on the Essex / Suffolk border with my husband, and our  pup, Luna,  aka The Landshark  a choccie lab who is into all kinds mischief!!

I travel extensively through the East Anglian region and beyond conducting ceremonies of all sorts… AND I have even been known to go north of the Watford Gap and the M25 corridor on forays into my home region to conduct ceremonies in the Midlands. (I always come back with my accent reinvigorated when I do… yay!)

My passport is up to date and I am happy to travel internationally too. (A new phrase book is purchased for every country visited… I just can’t guarantee my accent or pronunciation will be spot on…but we can have a giggle as we practice together!)

Love is LOVE!

We have celebrated all rites of passage within our own family, from  birth to death, and as a result I have first hand knowledge about just how important it is to be able to hold the ceremony that truly reflects you and yours. 

I love celebrating love in all of its multicoloured and multifaceted glory. I love having fun; and I especially LOVE the fact that you and your guests are having fun too!

As a self-confessed Potterhead, this Hufflepuff finds herself living in a Muggle world and having the best fun! 

With a sprinkle of magic, I  inject a little bit of  my personality into the writing of your script; and then ultimately into the delivery of your ceremony on the day. You’ll never have anything ‘beige’… your ceremony will be full of colour and light( and maybe the odd wand!)

  Whatever the type of ceremony you choose it should be magical for you, for all the right reasons!

You are guaranteed a fun filled celebration, delivered in a relaxed and inclusive manner, that perfectly reflects you as a couple or as a family!


We are all unique and I am always working to ensure my approach to my ceremony writing and delivery is reflective of the couples and families I work with. To that end I am constantly updating my knowledge and skill bases… I have learnt about the changing approaches to autism,  completed a short BSL sign language course, a voice workshop and have become a Dementia Friend. in 2020 I achieved a Level 2 qualification in Diversity and Equality and  a Level 3 Teacher Training qualification so I can now confidently teach adults!  

All of which will help me better service the couples and families I work with. I’ll never stop learning, its an inherent part of my job and my nature!

What I can offer you…

 I provide bespoke ceremonies to mark every rite of passage.

From pregnancy, birth, naming/adoption &  step-family celebrations, to engagements, wedding, civil partnerships, commitment & vow renewal celebrations.

A name once give…

There are no age restrictions when it comes to a naming ceremony, we have  the freedom to change our names or how we identify ourselves at any stage of life, so why not celebrate these personal transitions too?

Healing the pain…

Sometimes our relationships can falter and fail and I truly believe that it’s important to acknowledge, when the time is right, as you let go of the past and move forward to a new phase in life. Renewed and reinvigorated  looking towards the future, that is full hopes and possibilities. A  healing ceremony can help you achieve that closure, either as a solo ceremony or surrounded by family and friends.

 I have also added memorial and scattering of ashes ceremonies to my portfolio, so you can truly honour your loved ones through all of life’s stages.

Something else perhaps?

Want to mark a milestone at work? I offer corporate ceremonies too! Wether you are saying goodbye to a cherished colleague or celebrating a big team ‘win’ I can create something perfect for you. 


So how does it work?

We’ll work together with face-to-face consultations, or Skype  calls, as we design a unique ceremony just for you.

For weddings & commitment ceremonies, a practice is included in the price; and for every ceremony, you will receive a keepsake script in a presentation box with a certificate.

Don’t forget to check out my ‘We Do’ page for an exciting update on what to expect from me in 2022 and beyond ! 

No restrictions… anyone and anything can be incorporated. From vows & readings, to symbolic and traditional or faith based rituals. You can even involve your family pets!

And…I’ve even been known to dress for the occasion (I don’t need much of an excuse!)

If you have a theme that you’d like me to join in with just let me know. (Especially if it’s Wizarding World related!)

You now have choices like never before, to make your special day truly unique to you as an individual, a couple, or as a family.

Let’s have a chat to see how I can be of assistance.

Multi Award Winning …

 I am so proud to be flying the flag very high for all celebrants throughout the country.  

As you can see, I am passionate and excitable about the industry in which I work; and I believe we should be having fun as we celebrate life and love! 

Come on that journey with me as we create the ceremony that reflects you perfectly!

Watch my winners videos here…

In January 2019 I was announced as the NATIONAL TWIA 2019 Celebrant of the Year at a fabulous night out in London…It was an amazing and emotional night! 

In November 2017 I was announced as the East of England  TWIA 2018 Celebrant Of The Year. It was the first time that these awards had included a celebrant only category. 


Your #FunkyCelebrant® 


In November 2018…this happened !!!

TWIA East of England Celebrant of the Year 2019

Beyond chuffed to say for the 2nd year running I have won this prestigious award!!


What a night, it’s still sinking in…16th January 2019…

I became the NATIONAL CHAMPION…I cannot thank my couples enough for their belief in me!


Overwhelmed is an understatement !!


This year I am proud to announce that I am one of the Judges for the Celebrant category of a brand new national award.

The Wedding Business Awards

I had great fun judging some pretty amazing fellow celebrants, and although we couldn’t get together to celebrate in style like we’d hoped, I think all the winners were pretty chuffed with their trophies!

Contact me here…Let’s talk