The Milestone Ones…

Sweet Sixteen Candle Ceremony:- 

A ceremony designed for all 16 year olds. During a  Sweet 16 candle ceremony, the person whose birthday is being celebrated lights each candle on the cake individually, to represent certain important people in their life.

milestone ceremonies- a mum smiling at her daughter who is laughing back - black and white photo

Each person or people assigned to a candle in a Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony joins the birthday girl, boy or person  and helps them light the candle. The lucky teen usually makes a speech or shows their  appreciation of the most important and influential people in their life, telling stories or specifically thanking the honourees for being especially kind or thoughtful on particular occasions. Guests often take photos at this time. Although the people honoured and the order in which they are recognised can be customised for each party, there is a general process to follow.

The first candle is for parents or other significant adult

The second candle may be for the next-closest family, such as siblings and grandparents.

The third to sixth candles are generally reserved for aunts, uncles, cousins or other family members.

The seventh to 14th candles are dedicated to the birthday teen’s closest friends outside of family.

The 15th candle is usually assigned to the birthday teen’s best friend.

The 16th candle is reserved for the birthday teen as they makes a wish to themselves for their own future.

sixteen candle lighting, one girl crying as the other lights a candle on her cake


Not Just Bricks & Mortar:- a.k.a. Welcome to your new home!

No better way to start life in your new home, a housewarming with a difference!

Cast out all the negative energy with a fabulous smudging.

As we move from room to room, getting into the all of the dark recesses, we burn smudge sticks,  bringing light & positivity into your life.

A smudging is a Native American ritual where herbs are burned to dispel negative energies and bring positivity into any space.

Even the happiest of homes has some negative vibrations from time to time, so start off as you mean to go on…oh, and they smell amazing too!

native Mercian feathers and dream catcher


Commemorating the Pets in your life:- 

If you’re anything like me, you’re potty about your pets!

From a doggy or moggy adoption to the final goodbye; commemorating your favourite pet with an inclusive, fun and warm ceremony is the fabulous way to ensure your furbaby is honoured in the best way you know how!

michelle laughing and holding a chocolate lab puppy as and older one licks her face


A New Beginning:-

 It might seem a bit weird…writing about divorce on a website that is dedicated to celebrating milestones in life!

For some, a divorce is a liberating experience and one to be celebrated…for others, it is a time for reflection and healing as a new path is walked.

A Divorce Healing Ceremony offers  an opportunity to mourn the breakdown of a relationship and  accept your ‘new state of being’ before you look  forward to your future.

Ideally both partners would attend, to wish each other well as the book is finally closed on their relationship. (Especially important when there are children involved as they can see that albeit relationships break down, it doesn’t have to be acrimonious).

If you want some self soothing with family and friends but not the ex,  we can devise a ceremony that respects  and reflects where you are right now in life.


What Is In A Name? :-

Quite a lot actually… when we talk about naming ceremonies, our minds tend to wander to the naming of a baby or a young child. But it doesn’t have to be so restrictive and everyone and anyone can enjoy the love and affirmation that can come from a naming ceremony.

People choose to celebrate their names for many reasons, perhaps they want a fresh start with new-found meaning or maybe they are a transgender person who wants to celebrate and affirm their true identity.

Re-dedicating yourself to YOURSELF in a specially created ceremony can be the biggest (and sometimes only) ceremonial expression of identity and self-affirmation available.

Today, right now, no matter who you are or why you’d like to celebrate your name, we can create a ceremony together that will perfectly represent your identity and personality.


As with all of my ceremonies, I am always open to suggestions as I’m constantly researching the symbolic elements that can be included into your special day. Let’s work together and see what milestone ceremony we can create for you. 


So what can we expect if we choose you? 

As many meetings as you require whilst we discuss your initial requirements and start to build your ceremony.

I provide you with a questionnaire. From all the answers you provide, I build your ceremony before you get to add your edits.

On the big day I will always try to be at your venue at least an hour before the ceremony, to sort out any last minute issues and calm nerves.

I deliver a fun filled ceremony and leave you with a keepsake copy of your script in a presentation box.

I have a portable amp, mics if needed and can play music for your ceremony via my MP3 player . I’ve got all the bases covered for you…

All you need to do is relax and enjoy the moment!

Let’s talk! I can’t wait to create the perfect ceremony with and for you…

Prices ~ from £400


Contact me here…Let’s talk