Need A Script?

script writing

Do you need a script for someone special whom you would like to be at the heart of your ceremony? 

Do you want an event with a difference, but don’t necessarily want to use a celebrant?

Would you like your ceremony delivered by a family member or friend, but you or they don’t know where to start with the script?

I am able to offer a script-only service.

One of the most difficult things to do is to actually start the writing process… What do we want to say, how do we want to say it?

I will help relieve some of that pressure, so  that you can create your perfect ceremony.

 I will still meet with you, to discuss your requirements, and write the script for you, or at least help you get going …

The script is then yours to do with as you wish, to be delivered by the person of your choosing.

Obviously I would still love to be a part of your big day.   I love all aspects of the ceremony, from the first meeting to the final delivery.  But I do understand time and financial constraints can get in the way,  and so maybe this is the service for you?


I have 3 options for a script only service available:

1 ~ I will meet with you and provide you with a questionnaire, from the information I obtain from our meeting and the questionnaire I will write your script and email it to you for you to print off and use as you like

2 ~ All of the above, with the inclusion of printing your script for the person who will be conducting the ceremony, along with a meeting with that person to talk them through the process of delivering the ceremony. I also provide you with a keepsake copy with a certificate. All of the readings/ vows etc that are to be spoken would also be printed for you as well.

3  ~ As per option 2 with the inclusion of my attendance and help to coordinate a practice so that all your participants are comfortable and know their role on your big day.

Prices start at £225

Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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